See Dick See Dick Run. That’s not writing that’s just typing.

So says Robin Williams

well, fine. Here’s me just typing.

One of my favorite insults: I’m not as dumb as you look!
One of my favorite ways to say goodbye:  Come again when you can’t stay so long!
One of my favorite things to tell people who are pondering something or considering a move:  Take your time, hurry up!
One of my favorite ways to be polite is saying “you’re velcome” because of the really bad joke where the tourist gets off the plane and says to the native is this place pronounced Hawaii or Havaii? native says Havaii.  tourist says thank you and the native says you’re velcome.
One of my favorite things to say when someone make is a mistake is “all a steer can do is try” and if you get that you didn’t grow up in Portland.

I’m fascinated by things people say to each other a lot as a matter of course or as cliche reactions to common everyday occurences.  they are little tidbits that get passed down.  your kids will remember them probably, and sometimes say them.  sometimes with irony intended and sometimes not.

by the way I hate capitalization if you couldn’t tell

is this enough typing for awhile?  oh gosh I hope so.


Did you ever get some strawberries and take them home and then get out the strainer and you’re cuttiin off the green stem thingy and cuttin them in half and you know putting them in a strainer to like wash them and shit and pack them all up in little containers so you could take them with you in your lunch and they’re all ready to like just grab and go and then the next day you’re eating them and go “HEY!  I remember THIS one!  I remember cutting up THIS exact strawberry like it was yesterday!


Me either.